Igloo Mag review Raderkraft :: Keine Richtung

well folks, since the release of the “Keine Richtung” by Raderkraft last November a lot of positive interest has been roused…the vinyl EP was well received, especially with the afficionados in Belgium and Spain.

With respectful nods to past fixed forms, this stripped down outing has that individual streak that makes it stand out from the angular crowd. -Robbie Geoghegan (Igloo Magazine)

Cold, yet surprisingly playful, “Das Leben” is a synth track that seems to smile at the serious situation it finds itself in. Vocals sternly scold plodding melodies in a strangely parental manner. Racing on rapid fire rhythms is the speeding joy of “Wir Sind Zufrieden.” Notes are stark but that tongue in cheek element is again present, that touch of the early experimenters coming to the fore. “Der Rundgang” follows the same sprinting percussion. Arpeggios rumble through rain soaked streets, neon flashing in snare rolls and cascading chords. “Keine Richtung” taps into Club Lederhosen’s post-punk past. Brash and bold bars are hammered by beats. Vocals are scorched by distortion and static. The track is fast, sweat stained and fiery and dripping in angst.

Stinissen mentions his love of pre-MIDI sounds and Raderkraft certainly has an uncluttered style. The coldness of electro is ever present, but there is also a freewheeling quality to the EP.

read the full review  here Raderkraft :: Keine Richtung (Testlab)

available from Bandcamp


also available as a vinyl EP edition at Rush Hour (store & distribution) and selected stores Worlwide

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