The Sound of Fetisj 1982

the sound of Amsterdam 1981-1982

In order to present an impression of the early eighties in Amsterdam- especially from 1981 to 1982 – the label Fetisj is the most striking. Long before there was such music as house or techno, the label Fetisj already released exciting electronic dance music in the early 80s. As a record label and as a community of Amsterdam artists / musicians of various backgrounds who recorded music with the label and whose work was released by Fetisj as cassettes only.

In editions of 50 to a maximum of 100 pieces. Self-copied C46 cassettes with photocopied covers and artwork were sold to fans and specialist cassette stores.

This method perfectly illustrates the DIY period (do it yourself) that typifies the early 80’s.
I am convinced of the musical value and cultural importance of this label. And that is why I have conceived the plan to re-release some of the original releases from those Fetisj artists that accurately reflects the sound of Fetisj and the culture of Amsterdam 1981-1982.

The driving forces and founders of the label were Ernst Voss and Jan-Willem Vaal. Two students at the audio-visual training of the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam who started a band as their graduation project in 1980. It resulted in the recording titled “For Neil Young” under the monnicker Necronomicon. Released on the vinyl compilation ‘Maakt De Rietveld Betere Muziek Dan Schilderijen’ by the Rietveld Academy in 1980. Thanks to Oscar Smit for spotting…

The dance of the dark has begun

The studio where Ernst and Jan-Willem recorded quickly became a meeting place for ambitious creative people. It was located in a squat in the Jordaan in Amsterdam, many visitors kept a key to the building. Some even stayed overnight, making music all night long. Tracks and grooves were recorded, overdubbed or sometimes vocalized by ‘who-ever -passed-by’ the next day. A club of alternative artists from Amsterdam’s punk, squat and art school scenes who wanted to do everything themselves. In their own way. On their own terms. There was simply no other choice. The 80s in Amsterdam were raw, grim, nobody really had money to spend. So everything was made in-house. DIY was the only way to survive. Some of these free-thinking souls released music. And after almost 40 years ‘The Sound Of Fetisj 1982’ comes back to life. As a collection of demos and live recordings from Amsterdam/Dutch post-punk bands that capture this early 80s sound perfectly. The Sound of Amsterdam 1982

This collection offers a unique insight into the spontaneous, DIY music style of those years. Not only as a dusty retro-collection of times gone by, but as a manifesto quite relevant for nowadays. Dark wave, repetitive rhythms, minor chords, bass lines central to the mix, doom vocals, dejected lyrics… and yet this music invites you to dance. The dance of the dark has begun.

All tracks have been re-mastered from the original released cassettes and demo-tapes from the collection of Eddy De Clercq. A wide representation of styles is presented – from driving guitar punk to gritty funky disco, experimental minimal synth; linked to psychedelica and the Berlin School.

Tracklisting The Sound of Fetisj 1982-CASSETTE

Necronomicon -Mimi.snippet
Necronomicon + Rite De Passage -Lord Randall.snippet
Necronomicon -Eturnal Love Song.snippet
Necronomicon -The Top.snippet

More on the artists of the Fetisj label in detail in following posts.

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